Monthly Subscription Fee or Payment Upfront for Web Design?

Monthly Subscription Fee or Payment Upfront for Web Design?

Monthly Subscription Fee

I have had a number of requests from potential clients on whether we offer a monthly subscription fee for a website instead of offering an upfront payment for the website.

The answer is no and there is a reason for that. We are in the business of offering a web design service to potential clients. The main goal of the service is to provide you with the best possible website and the best price.

At the end of the day you have paid for a website to be designed and developed. It is the same for the  construction industry, where you pay to have your have house built. At the end of the day the goal is to have a well constructed house that you OWN.

Own is the operative word here. The client have paid a great deal of money to have the website developed and they own the design and the development of the website. They can in turn, do anything they wish to the website. Move it to another hosting company, make changes to the website and even add new features.

There are numerous companies that offer websites with monthly subscriptions which allow you to pay a small amount per month to have a website. This may also come with hosting included in the price. It sounds good and very affordable for a small business starting out, but is to good to be true….

The answer to that is maybe…

Here are my concerns with website subscription plans.

  1. Do you actually own the website in the end?
  2. Are you allowed to move your website to another hosting server if there issues on that server?
  3. Is there a minimum amount of time that you pay until you effectively own the website?
  4. Are you getting a professionally designed website or are you paying for hosting only and getting a basic website with a template?
  5. What happens if the web design agency goes under or is a fly by night? How do you retrieve your website?

Those are some of the issues i have with subscription plans for websites.

You might find that in the end, you might be over paying for your website. If you go with paying your website upfront, you know that you own the website and no extra money is owed on it.

Benefits to paying for a website upfront

  1. You have paid for the website in full. You OWN the website
  2. The price will not go up with inflation. This will more than likely happen with a subscription service
  3. You can move your site to another hosting service
  4. There will be no restrictions. Some Subscriptions have restrictions on what you can remove or add.
  5. You can shop around for a better hosting price.

Suggestions if you want a website subscription

  1. Do some research on the agency or business and find out how long they have been around. Email some of there existing clients to see if they have any issues. You can do this by checking out their portfolio and viewing the website of the business and contacting them from the email address or contact form of the website.
  2. Check on Hello Peter or check out their Google Places or Facebook Reviews for any negative reviews.
  3. Ask for a contract. Read it carefully. Ask them for a breakdown of the amount you are paying per month
  4. Enquire if you will ever own the website
  5. Find out if you can move to another host if the service is poor.
  6. Find out if they purchase templates or do they custom build the website
  7. Find out what restrictions there are on your new website, can i make changes, can i extend the website etc.


In the end the client will make a decision what best suits there business needs. Unfortunately in this industry, as there are in most industries, there are people that are out to make a quick buck. So when you are looking to have a new website designed, do so carefully and get the best deal out there.

Make sure at the end of the day that you own the website and you are not just leasing some space on the web.

Site Design Techniques

Site Design Techniques

How to Plan a website

If you are creating an on-line business, your website should get plenty of your focus as you create what’s economically your Window into the world. If you do not have an actual physical place for your business or a Stone and glass business, the appearance of your website will communicate volumes about your business to prospective clients and customers. In an ideal scenario, you’d have your whole website on one’s own server, or at the minimum a VPS, so you do not have to rely on the regulations and rules of somebody else. If you do not have a lot experience with coding, pick among the easiest platforms, enabling you to work on your site without this attempt taking up all your time.

If you know that any alterations to your site signify a formidable challenge, you are not as likely to want to continue with its development. Online companies like can provide you with a very user friendly alternative, using a WYSIWYG strategy.

It is necessary that you develop a comprehension of how a Internet truly operates and what it can take to make your web site really observable. You may want your site to appear within search results page when your prospects search for something you could supply. This is quite complicated, as the search engines themselves utilize an extensive array of rules to determine what’s proper.

What else do we need to know about site design techniques….

The procedure for SEO helps you to specify specific proper aspects of code as well as the general construction of your site. There are a variety of experts in the top-notch field of web site development, and you would possibly wish to put money into the employment of a professional virtual assistant to assist you continue with everything. In the minimum, you need to understand the basics, including what your Key Words should be and how a content on your page needs to be developed. If you recall how you used to compose an essay or a thesis in faculty or school, where you’d design and map out your content to ensure a natural progression, then you need to apply the same strategy to web site design. You’ll have numerous distinct pages, with a wide variety of different subjects covering services or products, each of which might spur additional pages of related content. Inside the home page you need to have a clear description of one’s company, with simple to find links giving a reasonable path of progression for people to follow as they seek out your advice.

Mobilegeddon is here

Mobilegeddon is here

Mobilegeddon has been flung around quite a bit on social media lately and for good reason. Google has done a major overall on its algorithm and update that will affect any website stuck in the old ages.

Basically that means any website that isn’t responsive. Responsive means that your display conforms to the size of the display you are on, be it on a Desktop, tablet or Mobile.

Google haven’t just thrown a spanner in the works now. They have been warning us for years and most recently on 26 February 2015.

So whoever doesn’t have a mobile responsive website and has decent rankings will lose those rankings to mobile responsive websites. Google is putting Mobile first.

So for any website owners who aren’t sure if their website is responsive or not, can check out the Mobile-Friendly Test tool

Once you have checked if your Website is mobile friendly you need to get hold of your web designer or developer to make your website responsive, as this will have a negative effect on your rankings if you don’t do it soon.

If you are interested in making your website responsive please give us a call or fill in the contact form for a free quote.

Price Increase in July

Price Increase in July

This is just a quick note to all my clients, that from the 1 July 2015 there will be a price increase on some of the services and also a change on the process of renewing hosting and the SEO services. Due to the fact that we havent increased our prices for the last two years, I thought it would be best to implement it from July onwards. If you have already paid a deposit or renewed your hosting for the year this will not affect you until the next payment cycle.

Price increase across the board on the following:

  • 5 Page websites price increase of R500 from R2 500.00 to R4 000.00 – we will also be removing the option of free hosting for the first year
  • 10 Page websites price increase of R500 from R3 000.00 to R5 000.00 – we will also be removing the option of free hosting for the first year
  • E-Commerce increase from R5000.00 to R6500.00 – we will also be removing the option of free hosting for the first year
  • domain names will increase from R150.00 to R200.00 per year
  • .com domain names will increase from R250.00 to R300.00 per year


We will no longer be offering hosting on a yearly basis. For people that have paid their hosting already this year will not be affected until their renewal. We will instead be billing on a monthly basis. The cost for the hosting packages are as follows:

  • HTML website hosting (basic website hosting) R70 per month
  • CMS website Hosting (WordPress, Joomla) R100 per month
  • CMS Website Hosting (Drupal) R120 per month (requires more space and PHP memory)

Updates to websites

If you require updates to your websites then we are happy to assist you with the changes. Turnaround time is 48 hours. You will be quoted how long it will take before the changes are made, so there aren’t any nasty suprises. There is a cost increase from R250 per hour to R275 per hour.

Backup and Maintenance of CMS websites

Its always important to have your WordPress, Joomla & Drupal websites backed up and up to date with the latest version of the CMS, plugins and modules. By default your website is backed up on our hosting servers, but if you are hosted with another hosting provider your website might not be backed up. Alot of hosting providers dont back up your website, so dont take a chance. We offer a service whereby we keep your CMS up to date and back up your website once a week in case of any server failure. Keeping your CMS up to date ensures that your website runs without any unforeseen issues. You can make use of this backup service for a small fee of R100 per month and have piece of mind that your website is safe from server failure and potential hackers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We were offering a SEO special for most of last year for 5 page websites for R2000-R3000. We will no longer be offering that special anymore. If you have taken that special, fear not, it will not affect you until you want to renew.

SEO will be a fixed contract for 12 months

  • R700.00 per month for a 5 page website.
  • R900 per month for a 10 – 15 page website
  • R1200 per month for 15 page -30 page website
  • For pages more than 30 page you will need to ask for a custom quote

As your website is growing all the time, the cost of your SEO will grow with it. So the cost will adjust to the number of pages. We will also be sending out SEO ranking reports instead of monthly reports as part of the service.

Hosting Servers are down

Hosting Servers are down

I just thought i would post a quick update on the hosting servers. The hosting servers went down on the weekend and they are still down. There was a hardware failure after routine maintenance was done on the servers. This is the first time that this has ever happened.

This has unfortunately affected all the websites on our server. The hosting guys are working hard on getting all the websites back online. It will take a while to get all the websites back online, but they are attending to it.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are doing our utmost to get everyone back online as soon as possible.



WordPress 4.0 “Benny” has been released

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” has been released

WordPress have released 4.0 dubbed “Benny” in honour of legendary American jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Wordpress is packed with some wonderful goodness, to make your workflow and editing a much more pleasant experience. You can download your latest version of WordPress here or update it in your Dashboard.


Sticky Editor

My biggest pet hate whilst working in WordPress, was that your editor tools were always hidden the further down the page you went. Now with 4.0 we dont need to worry about that anymore. With 4.0, the editor that expands to fit your content as you write, and keeps the formatting tools available at all times. So no more scrolling up with the mouse when you want to format the text. Basically a sticky editor. Awesome and about time guys.

Sticky Editor

Sticky Editor for seamless writing

Manage your Media Gallery with a Beautiful Endless Grid

A great addition. No more of the pesky pagination pages you have to go through to find the image you are looking for. You can now scroll through an endless grid seeing all the images that you have uploaded to your WordPress website. A modal pop up will open the attachment details when you click on the image you have selected.

Endless Grid of your images

Endless Grid of your Media Items

Modal Pop for Media Items

Modal Pop up for Media Items.

Embedding Simple and Easier than ever before

Embedding has never been easier in WordPress. Take the Youtube url and drop it into your Post as soon as you drop it into your post it will automatically show the video in your post. It is now more visual.The same for Tweets and a whole lot more supported.

Plugins – Better Visual Browsing and Search

When developing WordPress websites, alot of time is spent in the Plugins Repository, looking for the right plugin to make your website a killer website. The one thing is that it wasnt a pleasant experience. With 4.0, that has changed. It is more visually appealing. Nicely laid out and clearly states if the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress or not.

Wordpress Plugin Directory

WordPress Plugin Directory more visually appealing


In my eyes, a great update. Some things that bugged me before about WordPress have been sorted out. Its more visually appealing and user friendly. A step in the right direction. So go ahead and upgrade but make sure you do a backup first. Thanks to the team that worked so hard on this.

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